Reference management & Mendeley

My first day at UOC and into a workshop on reference management and Mendeley! Mendeley is a free reference management tool. Tools like Mendeley or Zotero have made the process of managing citations and reference lists so much easier! Some of the great features of Mendeley:

  • Has a desktop version, app version and in the cloud so you can sync across devices
  • A “watch” folder will automatically import any new research articles you save in a folder on your machine
  • Has a web importer extension to browser to simply save articles
  • Has a Word plug-in to add citations and generate reference lists
  • Able to easily change citation styles
  • Make use of the groups feature to browse or follow specific topics

Some of the other useful tools we explored in the workshop:

  • PlagScan – a commercial tool to check for plagiarism (accessible in the university)
  • NoodleTools – a website to look at different citation styles and examples

Something else I found out about is ORCiD a registry of unique researcher identifiers that links research activities and outputs. This helps distinguish between researchers with similar names.


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