Future Trends in Mobile Learning

An article published by Origin Learning entitled Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond lists the trends to watch in mobile learning. The article was published on 30 March 2015. Although some are not mobile learning-specific, I think it lists the main trends in mobile learning that are being talked about but not yet widely implemented. Below, I summarise the trends listed in this article:

  • Shift from Flash to HTML5 – a better way to create engaging content (videos, animations) and HTML5 links to the development of responsive design (improving learner experiences)
  • Device agnostic design – Design for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) instead of designing native apps (widening access to learning experiences)
  • App Analytics – understanding learner interaction and behaviour to personalise learning experiences
  • Responsive web design and multi-screen usage – explore ways to make content enhanced and responsive to support learning behaviours and provide consistency as learners switch between devices
  • Bite-sized learning for performance support – provide employees with just-in-time and relevant information at the time they require it
  • Augmenting classroom training – using videos and podcasts to reinforce learning
  • Gamification – development of mobile gaming apps for simulations and assessments
  • Geo-location sensitivity – opportunities for learning design models that are authentic, personalised and context aware
  • Augmented reality – using AR applications to support learning by adding a digital layer to the physical
  • Mobile social learning – accessing social networks and learning spaces via mobile devices to drive learner interaction
  • Wearable devices – glasses, watches and wrist bands may be used for learning in the future

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