Qualitative Analysis using Nvivo

We just completed a 1 day introduction to Nvivo seminar at the university. Nvivo 10 is a software tool created by QRS International that is used to analyse unstructured data. Some of the main features of Nvivo:

  • Organise your research data including text, video, audio, pictures, social media and webpages
  • Record your thoughts as your research progresses
  • Code your data into themes, connect data and make annotations
  • Analyse your data using word clusters, keywords, comparisons and queries
  • Visualise your data using word clouds, maps, charts and models

Some of the features that really interested me during the seminar:

  • Incorporating your bibliographic data (references) and creating links between sources
  • Capturing of data from the web to analyse (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Ability to autocode responses from surveys
  • Exporting files to share your results with others

Nvivo can be used for individual researchers or research groups working collaboratively. Although the software licenses are expensive, 1 year student licences are available. Once I determine the design of my research I look forward to exploring this tool more to see how it can be useful for qualitative data analysis.


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