Top Learning Tools for Education

Once again, Jane Hart of C4LPT has compiled an annual list of top learning tools. This year, over 1000 learning professionals across the world from both education and business contributed to the 10th Annual Survey of Learning Tools. This year three sub-lists were made for personal learning, workplace learning and education. I will focus on the education list that covers tools used in primary, secondary and tertiary education. I have grouped the Top 20 Tools in the Education list according to the 4 categories used:

Content Development Tools

1. YouTube
3. PowerPoint
7. Prezi
10. Word
12. Screencast-O-Matic
13. WordPress
16. Google Forms

Social Tools

2. Google Drive
5. Twitter
6. Dropbox
15. Facebook
17. Skype
18. Padlet
19. Google Apps (for Education)

Instructional Tools

8. Kahoot
9. PowToon
11. Moodle
20. Camtasia

Personal Tools

4. Google Search
14. Google Chrome

Most of the tools listed above would be on my list as well. The only tool I am not familiar with is Padlet (an online noticeboard). My university last year implemented Google Apps for Education which means that I make more use of these apps (and forced me to switch from Dropbox to Google Drive). Reviewing the longer list of 100 tools, some of the tools that I would rate higher would be SlideShare (21), Audacity (26) Quizlet (33), Wikipedia (34), Scoopit (57). I would also add Mendeley (or similar) to the list.



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