My Publications & Presentations



Recent Publications

  • Krull, G., & Duart, J. (2017). Research Trends in Mobile Learning in Higher Education: A Systematic Review of Articles (2011 – 2015). The International Review Of Research In Open And Distributed Learning, 18(7). doi:
  • Krull, G., & Duart, J. (2017). Moving to seamless learning: A framework for learning using multiple devices. In R. Power,  M. Ally, D. Cristol, & A. Palalas (Eds.), IAmLearning: Mobilizing and supporting educator practice. [e-Book]. International Association for Mobile Learning.
  • Mallinson, B., & Krull, G. (2015). An OER Online Course Remixing Experience. Open Praxis, 7(3), 263-271. doi:10.5944/openpraxis.7.3.195

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